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What is the process of tufting with a tufting gun

by Jimmy

tufting gun makes the job of designing your chair a lot easier. However, that is when you know how to use it. This article will guide you on the process of tufting with a tufting gun.

Make decisions and get materials

Depending on what you are building, there is a need for the right materials to be ready before you start. For instance, if you want to build a rug, you will need some wood to serve as a base for the rug. Likewise, the tufting gun will be working with yarns, so you need to have these purchased. Likewise, your rug fabric should have been decided and bought beforehand.

Prepare ahead

Before you get your tufting gun to work, it is best to get ready for some unknown circumstances in the future. For instance, it makes sense to remove the yarn from its pack to take care of any entanglements that can occur in the future. Also, get the framework ready with the wood and add the backing material. All of this will speed up the manufacturing process, enabling you to add as much detail as possible.

Thread your tufting gun

The next step is to add your yarns to your tufting gun. This step is a bit technical, but with a patient mindset, you will get through it easily. The tufting gun already comes with a compartment designed for holding the yarn. So your first step is to put your tufting gun into that yarn holder. It is usually around the upper part of the gun.

If your device came with a user manual, it should have a diagram describing the parts. The number of yarns you put into the yarn holder depends on the type of yarn you bought, its thickness, your design, and your preference. You can use between two and four yarn threads in your hole, depending on how thick you want it to be. After fixing the yarns, you will need the yarn to go through the needle. Depending on the type of tufting gun, your hands may not help, but with a bent wire, it will get through easily.

Test out your gun

The design with the tufting gun is usually important, so we will advise that you take time out to test the connections. The testing will check your connections, but more importantly, it will give you an idea of the right way to use the gun, the pressure needed, and your speed. So you are getting your hands used to the use of the tufting gun.

Start tufting

There is no salient rule on learning how to tuft. You need to create a pattern that works for you and stick with it. You can start by getting the outline properly first, before going ahead. Having the fear of mistakes is the first and biggest error you can make. It is better to follow the pattern you want and stick with it. Fixing mistakes after is easier than ruining the design because of fear.


Using a tufting gun can be a complex procedure for someone who does not understand anything about the process. You can use the same process described for making different furniture apart from rugs. The main process is fixing the thread into the gun and choosing a pattern.

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