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Is your garage door secure?

by Jimmy

Keeping your home safe Is an utmost priority, so your family, yourself, and your house items are safe from people who have negative intentions for you. You try your best to get the best security but often one entrance is overlooked which is the garage door. The use of chateau lock can also help you in this matter. In this article, we will discuss all the ways you can make your garage door more secure.

Which garage door to use?

There is a variety of garage doors present in the market for you to choose from but some are more secure than others so we are here to give you all the knowledge about the garage so you can make the best choice.

· Roller doors

The most secure choice for you is roller doors. Especially the ones that are automated can provide the most security for you and there is no clear entrance for unwanted people. Moreover, if you want to make these doors even more secure you can connect double-skinned steel panels and a better lock system.

· Paneled doors

In comparison to roller doors, paneled doors are less secure but they still don’t give an easy entrance to the burglar. These doors are sealed with metal so they tend to be difficult to break without any tools.

· Tilted garage door

Tilted garage doors are the least secure in comparison to the above-mentioned doors. If you still want to go with this type of door you should take additional security measures to keep your house safe.

How to add more security to your house?

Following are some of the security measures that can be additionally taken to add more security to your house

· Garage doors using motors

Motors in garage doors are the best option when adding additional security to your doors as the motorized garage doors do not have a handle they don’t have an exact point of entrance or a lock that the burglar can break.

A day at home and don’t want to plug in the motor? no issue you can always do it the next day when you are outside your house. Modern garage doors come with added security and it won’t be easy for intruders to decode the garage opener.

· Home security system

A home security system is helpful in a lot of ways and can be very effective as the intruders will think twice before entering your house as they will know that it is protected by a home security system. Intruders know the sensors and are most likely not to target your house.

· Timer for garage door

If you often forget to close your garage door, then this is the best thing ever manufactured for you. Installing this will help you know if you have closed the garage door or if is it still open. If the garage door stays open for a long time the sensors will automatically close the door. Results in keeping you safe from any intruders or people you want to enter your house.

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