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One Question That Will Free You From Judgments And Drama

by Jimmy

If you listen closely to your intuition you will always know what is “best” for you, because what is best for you is what is true for you.

Your body has five senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch.  But not to be ignored are the inner senses of your soul: intuition, foresight, and self-trust.  The most common differences between happy and unhappy people lie in their use of these inner senses.  So many people don’t know anything about them though, while others rely on their inner senses just as they rely on their physical senses, and in fact probably even more.  And this makes all the difference in the world.

The senses of your soul help you express your whole truth, and being true to yourself takes work, because it’s so easy to get sidetracked and influenced by others.  It’s easy to get caught up in the drama.  You have to put in the effort and stand strong every day to honor your own ideas, feelings, intuitions and aspirations.

When you add more of your self into your daily actions and decisions, your sense of self-worth (your TRUE self) blooms.  That is the path to a happier, truer, more wholesome YOU.

So today, I challenge you to make this your lifelong motto: “I respectfully do not care.”  Say it to anyone who passes judgment on something you strongly believe in or something that makes you who you are.  People will inevitable judge you at some point anyway, and that’s OK.  You affected their life; don’t let them affect yours.

This is one of many principles Angel and I cover in our brand new course, Getting Back to Happy.  And today, I want to share a sneak peek with you that’s guaranteed to help you overcome the judgments and drama of others, so you can live more freely and happily as YOU.

In this unscripted video sneak peek, Angel and I discuss how important it is to embrace your intuition and express your true feelings, even in the face of adversity and harsh judgments by others.  And of course, at the end we leave you with one essential question to ask yourself…

The One Question

If you enjoyed this exclusive preview of Getting Back to Happy, learn more about the course here.

And get ready to receive your personal invitation to join the new course and community on November 4th.  Angel and I cannot wait to welcome you into Getting Back to Happy!

True happiness is possible.  You can get there.  We can help.  Let’s do this, together.

Your turn…

In what way have people tried to judge you and mess with your truth?

When and how did you realize this?  What did you do about it?

Please leave a comment below and share your thoughts and insights.

And of course, if you have any questions about Getting Back to Happy, let us know and Angel and I will reply as soon as we can.

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